CombatCounter: 22.710.245
WoW Grinder - Version 3.1.5
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No further software is required.
Grinder Bar
No more external Options or Settings!
Easily manage your Grinder InGame.
Create your own Grinding Profile quickly and easily with Pathfinder.
Combat Rotation
With just a few clicks you can easily create your Combat Rotation.
A clever system takes care of everything else for you.
  • Skinning

  • Skinning is an essential part of Grinder and can be activated or deactivated at any time with just one click. Grinder automatically recognizes whether its Counterpart can be skinned and reacts in a matter of seconds.
    Auto Setup
    Quick and Easy.
    Grinder automatically adapts the Settings to your game.
    Brief Insight
  • Ghost & Vendor Routes
  • Add Ghost and Vendor Points to your Routes. If your bags are full or part of your armor is used up, Grinder will go to the Vendor.

  • Connect Profiles
  • As soon as your desired condition is met, Grinder will automatically move to the next Profile.

  • Share your Profiles
  • You can share all your Profiles at any time using the Import/Export function.

  • Profile Management
  • Each Profile offers many more Options and possibilities for Setting, Optimizing and Refining.

  • Item Management
  • Grinder manages your items fully automatically. Auto Equip, Auto Sell, Auto Repair and many other functions with detailed options can be activated or deactivated quickly and easily.

  • Character Management
  • Grinder comes with a Basic Configuration that can be customized. This allows you to give Grinder your personal touch.

  • GDR: AddOn
  • An AddOn Manager takes care of the Import and Renaming. Our AddOn only uses functions specified and permitted by Blizzard.

  • And much more...
  • A lot more Content and Extras await you!
    • Easy Handling

    • Fully automated

    • Standalone
    • No DLL injection

    • No RAM intervention

    • No LUA Unlocker
    Windows 10 (64-Bit)