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WoW Grinder kann möglicherweise als Schadsoftware deklariert werden. Bitte lege einen separaten Ordner an und füge diesen zu den Ausschlüssen hinzu.

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WoW Grinder - Version 2.1.10
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No further software is required.
Grinding & Questing
Create your Grinding Profile quickly and easily with Pathfinder.
Or use Pathfinder Expert and design your customized questing and grinding profiles.
Combat Rotation System
With just a few clicks you can easily create your Combat Rotation.
A clever system takes care of everything else for you.
Add as many Gather Nodes as you want to your Routes. As soon as a Node is nearby, Grinder will collect it for you.

  • Herbalism
  • Mining
  • Skinning

  • Adapt your Professions to your wishes. Activate or Deactivate them with just one click.
    Auto Setup
    Quick and Easy.
    Grinder automatically adapts the Settings to your game.
    Brief Insight
  • Ghost & Vendor Routes
  • Add Ghost and Vendor Points to your Routes. If your bags are full or part of your armor is used up, Grinder will go to the Vendor.

  • Connect Profiles
  • As soon as your desired condition is met, Grinder will automatically move to the next Profile.

  • Share your Profiles
  • You can share all your Profiles at any time using the Import/Export function.

  • Profile Management
  • Each Profile offers many more Options and possibilities for Setting, Optimizing and Refining.

  • Item Management
  • Grinder manages your items fully automatically. Auto Equip, Auto Sell, Auto Repair and many other functions with detailed options can be activated or deactivated quickly and easily.

  • Character Management
  • Grinder comes with a Basic Configuration that can be customized. This allows you to give Grinder your personal touch.

  • GDR: AddOn
  • An AddOn Manager takes care of the Import and Renaming. Our AddOn only uses functions specified and permitted by Blizzard.

  • And much more...
  • A lot more Content and Extras await you!
    Easy to use
    • Easy Handling

    • Fully automated

    • Standalone
    • No DLL injection

    • No RAM intervention

    • No Jailbreak
    Windows Vista and higher (64-Bit).