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What are G-Coins?
G-Coins is our internal WoW Grinder currency.
Anyone who already has or was in possession of a WoW Grinder license can dispose of G-Coins.
How can i get G-Coins?
Collect Free G-Coins for your Upload in the Grinder Store.
With every 5th Free Profile you receive 50 G-Coins.

Register first in our Grinder Store.
It's very easy and works super-fast!

Open your WoW Grinder and click in the tab Profile, below on the image Grinder Store.

You can verify yourself using the Login button (bottom left).

The button Help (bottom right) shows you further information about Ranking.
Depending on the rank you have reached, you can offer your profiles in exchange for G-Coins..
Alternatively, you can top up your account here on (click) at any time with G-Coins.
What can I do with my G-Coins?
Use your G-Coins in the Grinder Store to buy paid profiles.
Alternatively, you can withdraw your G-Coins at any time from a minimum amount of €/EUR 10.00.
How can I withdraw my G-Coins?
Log into your account on
Right click on G-Coins in your account overview.
If you are not yet verified, please enter your mobile phone number and click on Send.
Next you confirm the entry with the code you just received.

Now enter under Pay Out the amount in €/EUR that you would like to have paid out (at least €/EUR 10.00).
We will check your withdrawal request. As soon as this has been approved, you will be notified by email.
I want to know more!
You can find more information about the Grinder Store and G-Coins in our Guide-Section.
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