CombatCounter: 2.619.383
# Working with nameplates has been adapted to all WoW clients.
- Uncheck Nameplates in your AddOn in the General Tab and save it.
- Check Nameplates again and save it.

# Enemies are now searched within 40 yards again.
# The Auto Destroy function is now only available in Classic (Era).
# In order to be able to use all Clients, please update Bottie. #
# If you downloaded the Grinder Update before the Bottie Update, proceed as follows:
- In your Bottie Addon Manager (WoW Grinder and WoW Bandit) you can bring everything up to date.
- Use the Import and, if necessary, the Uninstall function (Addon Manager, bottom left) to be able to use your Addons for TBC as well.

# The GDR Addon and Bottie can now be used with all Clients.
- WoW Classic
- WoW The Burning Crusade
- WoW Retail

# An exciting phase!
- Should an error show up again, we ask you to report it and for your understanding.
- We try to bring everything up to date : o)
# Fixed an issue that caused the auto setup to fail.
# GDR was adapted to the TBC Pre-Patch.
- Error messages should no longer appear.
AddOn versions have been adjusted.
# Fixed an issue where Grinder would no longer target the enemy unless he was facing him.
# The class database for the Hunter has been expanded for Retail and is now complete.
# AddOn: Combat Rotations
- No Usage Check has been renamed to POOOW and now ignores all basic requirements except the ones you specified yourself.
- It is now possible to use Wands (Spell ID required if Repetition are set).
- It is now possible to use Charge.
- It is now possible to combine your Rotation with AddOns like Gnome Sequencer (simply add your GS Macro to your Rotation and add POOOW as Requirement).
- With POOOW you can also add all Attacks that do not have a Spell ID.
- This only applies to Macros and Spells in all categories.

# AddOn: GDR
- Ghost Routes will now run correctly again.
- Incorrect use of Ghost and Vendor Routes now causes a message to appear with instructions.
- Fixed a issue that caused Push Messages to be displayed permanently.
- An message has been added whether the used client language is supported from Grinder.
- Error Handling has been improved.

- PreCast for Pets is now available to every Class.
# You can now find the Grinder Store in the Bottie Launcher.
# An option has been added to the Tray menu that allows the window positions to be reset.
# Further Security Measures have been taken.
# The Tray Menu has been adjusted.
# The Class database has been expanded.
# Fixed an issue that prevented the Character from turning towards the enemy.
# Fixed an issue with Grinder posting a character in the chat.
# Grinder should no longer spin in circles on the way to the next checkpoint.
# Fixed an issue that could prevent Grinder from moving properly.
A new Module has been added.
Play up to 5 Grinders at the same time.

# Remote Control now sends the requested image much faster.
# Significant optimizations have been made.
# As soon as Grinder moves too far from its Route, it now runs back to the nearest Checkpoint.
- The distance can optionally be adjusted via the Pathfinder Tab in the AddOn.

# Combat Rotations are now independent.
- A Spell that was added with Level 1 for example, can now also be used in higher level areas.
- It is no longer necessary to add Spells with the same Name again.
- Not yet available for Dependencies.

# After Grinder has returned from the Vendor Route, the closest Checkpoint on the main Route is now loaded again.
# The Range for triggering Vendor Routes has been increased from 25 to 40 yards.
# WalkOnly for Vendor Routes now also apply on the way back to the main Route.
# Fixed an issue where Grinder would no longer automatically rest.
# Fixed an issue that prevented the window name from being displayed.
# Grinder no longer automatically interacts with the Vendor as soon as the Quick Check is off.
# Fixed an issue where Grinder would no longer automatically turn towards the enemy.
# Grinder is now able to move through narrow Paths and Houses.
- Either entire Routes or individual Coordinates of a Route can be approached very precisely.
- A Button has been added that can be used to add Exact Coordinates.
- This option is available for every Route in Pathfinder and Pathfinder Expert (including Ghost and Vendor).

# Vendor Routes are now run more precisely again.
- Also applies on the way back to the Main Route.
- On the way back, the entire Path is observed again.

# Vendor Routes now have the option WalkOnly.
- If this option is set, the rest of the Route to the Vendor is run without attack.
- This applies from the time it is determined whether the bags are full or the armor requires repair.

# The Junk Filter (Classic) can now be used independently.
- Until now, Auto Equip had to be activated.

# Grinder will now automatically recognize the window.
- The Check Button has been removed.

# The class database has been expanded.
# With a right click on the minimap icon you get a quick menu with which you can start the most important functions.
# Fixed a bug that sometimes caused Melee Classes to not stop running during Combat.
# Fixed a bug that prevented bags from being equipped automatically when the bag slot was empty.
# Fixed a bug that prevented Item Quality Notifications from being sent.
# Fixed a bug that prevented cloaks from being equipped automatically for Non-Cloth Classes.
# Fixed an issue where Range Classes would spin too often when facing the wrong way.
Control Grinder from anywhere!
We have integrated a Remote System that allows the main functions of Grinder to be accessed from anywhere.
Send Live Recordings of your Grinder directly via your Remote Panel.
Control Grinder on the go with your mobile phone.
(Remote Control Module required.)

# All Console Logs are now saved automatically.
- This option can be activated/deactivated in the Settings.
- Additional events have been added to the Console.
- Among other things, a Live Timer that outputs the seconds of remaining times for specific functions.

# Looted Items are now sent as a Screenshot.
- Notification Module required.

# A Quick-Screenshot function has been added.
- The area to be recorded can be selected manually.
- This function can be called under the Tab Options.

# Grinder now also adapts the Settings to AZERTY Keyboards via Auto Setup.
- This also applies to the detection of changes to the Keyboard Layout.

# Fixed an issue where you would receive Notifications about Items of the wrong quality.
- Grinder is now build modular.
- All available Modules can now be added at will.
- If a Module is required, it can be activated free of charge via the Grinder Store.

# The Notification function has been improved and expanded.
- A problem has been fixed that prevented the sending of images.
- There are now more options to choose from.
-- Incoming messages (Mailbox)
-- Finding Rare Items
-- Finding Epic Items

# GCR database has been expanded.
# Healing or reviving the Pet during combat no longer affects the loot.
# Skinning no longer causes the Character to stand still.
# It can now be optionally set whether the Pet is healed or revived during the combat.
# Unachievable targets are now better recognized.
# Pets are now also healed during combat.
# The Spell ID Tool now always shows the last used Spell at the top, in the first place.
# The new Skinning Mode has been improved and should now recognize whether the Mob is skinnable or not.
- The old mode has been reintegrated and can optionally be selected in the Class Options.
# Fixed a problem that led to longer waiting times during conjuring if the resource ran out during this time.
# Fixed an issue that caused the character to get up when Use Both is activated for food and drink.
# A mob is now targeted again as usual with range classes by turning and melee classes immediately.
################################# IMPORTANT ################################
Requirement Power has been removed from Combat Rotations and replaced with Mana.
To adjust your Combat Rotation, select Mana under Add Requirements.

# More efficient Combat Rotation.
- Combat Spells are now executed much faster.
- This applies to all Combat Spells whose Casttime is higher than the Global Cooldown.

# Pet Handling is now available to every Class.
- Cast/Revive/Heal/Feed can be adjusted as needed for its Class.
- These functions can now be activated or deactivated with one click.
- It is no longer necessary to delete the Keys to deactivate the functions.

# Weapon Enchantments are now possible.
- Weapon Enchantments can now be added via Combat Rotation.
- E.g. Poisons for Rogues.
- At best, you enter this as a Macro in the Buffs category.
- For this it is necessary to select the Main- or Off Hand under Add Requirements.
- In addition, the Spell ID of the Cast is required (which is executed by the Macro).

# All PowerTypes can now be selected in the Combat Rotation.
- The desired PowerType can now be selected under Add Requirements of an Spell, Item or Macro.
- The following PowerTypes are available:
- Health
- Mana
- Rage
- Focus
- Energy
- Combo Points
- Runes
- Runic Power
- Soul Shards
- Lunar Power
- Holy Power
- Alternate
- Maelstrom
- Chi
- Insanity
- Arcane Charges
- Fury
- Pain

# The required PowerType per Spell is now checked correctly.
- Power Types that work in the opposite direction no longer fall under basic conditions.
- The correct PowerType should now be checked for each Class and Shape.

# Body Pulls
- Unwanted Pulls are now recognized much better.
- If Grinder is already on the way to the target, an unwanted Pull is now prioritized.

# The Skinning System has been made more efficient.
- Grinder now recognizes much faster whether an opponent can be skinned or not.
- Failed attempts are now repeated until they are successful.

# Dots can now be added much more easily.
- Via the selection field to the right of the entered Spell there is now the option Is Dot.
- If the Spell ID of the Dot differs from the Spell itself, it can still be added/edited using the Add Spell ID function.

# Spell ID Tool has been added to Combat Rotation.
- To use this Tool, click the Spell ID Tool Button next to Details in GCR.
- This allows all details about individual Spells, Items and Macros to be called up.

# Blacklist Targets has been revised and now follows the exact target specification.
- Example: A target on the list with the name LION no longer collides with the name LIONKING.

# Gather Nodes can now be deleted.
- You can find this option in the Edit menu of your Profile in Pathfinder.

# A problem has been fixed where the main window was no longer in the last saved position after a relog.
# The Gathering Event is no longer triggered when the Character has died.
# A problem has been fixed in which the same messages were sent several times if activated.
# If GDR is deactivated via the Quick Option function, the ActionBar is no longer changed during a fight.
# Pathfinder Expert should no longer cause error messages in Quest mode.
# The Keybindings restore message no longer appears in Retail every time you log in.
# Fixed an issue in the Grinder Store that caused an error message.
# The description of some Tooltips has been improved.
# Fixed an issue where Skinning was resetting the Regeneration Rotation.
# Fixed an issue where some windows would no longer appear.
- Enter /gdr to return the windows to their original position.
# Gathering System (Pre Stage)
- Includes: Mining and Herbalism
- You can set these options in your Player/Class Settings under Professions.
- Any number of Gather coordinates can be added to a Route.
- Gather coordinates can also be added later. After loading a Route.
- Grinder can automatically detect a Gather when creating or editing and asks whether this coordinate should be added.
- Grinder recognizes Gather coordinates in the immediate vicinity.
- The mouse is required to check whether the gather is available.
- After Grinder has checked the Gather, the main Route is followed again.
- This system is in the early stages and is now being further optimized.

# Pathfinder
- The entire Creation and Editing has been made simpler and clearer.
- When creating or editing a Route, you can now choose between WalkOnly or Default.
- WalkOnly runs the Route until an attack takes place.
- Vendor routes are now started as soon as one or more pieces of armor are used up.
- The Macro for detecting the enemies around has been improved and should now no longer cause problems when looting.

- Mounts no longer require the Casttime to be specified.
-- It is now explicitly checked whether the character is mounted or not.

# Combat Rotation
- You can now set whether the next Spell should be cast parallel while eating/drinking.
-- This is especially used to do both at the same time.
-- Only applies to the next Spell.

- Dots will now be checked on the target and will not re-executed.
-- For this it is necessary to enter the ID of the Spell that the Dot triggers.

- Auto Setup now recognizes whether a suitable default Profile has been loaded.
-- If so, Grinder will give you the option to create your own Profile.

# Hunter Class has been completely improved.
- Predefined Macros are no longer necessary and have been removed.
- You can now set what happens on the way to the target.
-- This is particularly suitable to let the pet attack before the actual attack.
-- This is an optional feature.

# Junk Filter
- A Junk Filter has been integrated with which any items can be deleted directly after looting.
- This feature is only available in Classic.

# Health and Mana Auto Recognition
- Has been expanded and now only refers to the player himself.
- Druids are now recognized as mana classes regardless of their form.

# Others
- Changes to the Keyboard Layout are automatically recognized if relevant for Grinder.
- Grinder now indicates this and changes it back again if you wish.

- Sales at the Vendor are now stopped as soon as the Merchant window is closed.
- WalkOnly, Walk Precise and Use Assistant were completely removed.
- Fixed an issue where coordinates could not be assigned to the map.
- The window position of the AddOn can now be reset using the /gdr command.
- Fixed an issue where BOEs with AutoEquip were not equip automatically.
- The Quick Setting now also influences AutoEquip.
- Fixed an issue where targeting a player would result in an error.
- Improvements have been made to the Target Blacklist.
# Fixed an issue where Spells of the Melee Classes in Retail were not continuously executed in the rotation.
# Fixed an issue where Combat Rotation was interrupted during Conjuring or Buffs if there was insufficient mana.

# Fixed an issue where Combat Rotation was not running continuously.
# Windows should no longer overlaid.
# Connection routes can now be set across different zones.
- To do this, the last coordinate should be set in an area on the border.
- Only applies to new profiles.
- Applies to Pathfinder and Pathfinder Expert.

# It is now possible to use both modules at the same time to create a route.
- Auto and Manual Creation now work cooperatively.
- E.g. individual coordinates can be added manually in record mode.
- Applies to Pathfinder and Pathfinder Expert.

# The last waypoint can now be deleted while a route is being created.
- To do this, a window appears above the main menu.

# Spells, items and macros in Combat are now checked for distance during a fight.
- Applies to direct and dependent/separate spell IDs.
- In case of doubt, only the usual conditions are checked.

# Spell IDs can now be set for buffs.
- This fixes a bug that caused a buff to be refreshed after every fight.

# The AutoEquip option now automatically equip bags if a free slot is available.
# It can now be selected whether BOE items are always attracted, regardless of their rarity.
# The Under Attack Rotation has been improved.
- If a second enemy is pulled during a combat, it will now be carried out immediately.

# Grinder is now able to recognize the number of enemies during a combat.
- These are displayed as symbols under the Left Frame.

# Fixed an issue where the Vendor NPC was not targeted.
# Small revisions to yesterdays update.

# Fixed an issue where the autom. Regeneration of mana was not displayed correctly.
# The tooltips for auto regeneration in the options tab have been adjusted.
- Example:
-- A requirement in GCR: = 30 in Health.
-- Min. Health in the options tab: = 40.
-- Please note! This creates a difference.
-- If you leave a fight with 35, the auto-regeneration starts (sit down), not GCR!
- You can disable this feature by entering 0.
# All interactions are now significantly faster.
- This particularly applies to:
-- The detection of enemies.
-- Targeting enemies.
-- Under Attack Rotation.

# Grinder is now able to detect multiple attackers during a fight.
- If there are several enemies, Under Attack Rotation is now carried out if specified.

# Frames can now be displayed optically.
- Select Show my Frames in the Frames selection menu and click on Show!.
- With this option you can visually recognize whether all frames are recognized in the correct position.

# Grinder is now much more sensitive to unwanted guests.
# Attacks during regeneration now immediately attack the attacker instead of looking for a new target.
# The Stealth Mode is now activated if the regeneration starts without meals.

# Fixed an issue where Grinder would disconnect.
# The output of Ghost Routes in the console is now displayed correctly.
# A bug has been fixed where the level of the character and the stats were not displayed correctly.
# A bug has been fixed that resulted in an unfinished regeneration.

# Grinder now automatically recognizes all targets around it.
- Field of View Expansion has been completely removed.
- In Classic, a range of 20 yards applies.
-- Maximum specified range.
- A range of 40 yards applies in Retail.
-- Reduced range from 60 yards.

# Ghost routes no longer require a mouse.
- The ghost is now automatically released.
- The resuscitation is now also automatic.
- Grinder now reacts much faster to releasing and resurrection.
- A bug has been fixed where the main route was not loaded if the corpse was already found on the ghost route.

# Vendor Sales have been improved.
- The Vendor is no longer approached twice.
- In order to be able to sell as many items as possible at once, the sales routine was extended.

# The Combat Rotation now updates macros that have already been added.
- If a macro is subsequently changed, this is automatically adopted in the Combat Rotation.
- Applies to all functions (Editing, Export, Import, Load, Auto-Load).

# Dependencies of Items/Spells in conjuring and regeneration are now automatically set if available.
- The prerequisite is the dependency on a Spell.
- The dependency of a Spell that generates an item still requires the generated item before the dependency can be set.

# A short message system was integrated.
- Almost all actions, events and notices can now be output in the form of a push message.
- This option can be activated manually in the Options Tab.

# BoP Items are now automatically confirmed when looting.
# Group invitations are now automatically hidden so that they expire.

# A bug has been corrected where the original item of the Auto Equip function was displayed as Empty Slot.
# A bug has been fixed that interrupted the combat rotation if no more spells, items or macros met the conditions.
# Fixed an issue where Set Amount was displayed as Disabled under Conjuring in GCR due to an incorrect condition.
# Clear My Way has been removed entirely.
# The Auto-Setup has been adapted to Shadowlands.
# Grinder will no longer attack targets of the opposing faction.
# The Under Attack option now saves all entries again.
- Now works again in given situations.

# AutoEquip function has been integrated.
- Must be activated manually in the Options Tab.
- The Armor Type can be selected in Classic.
- All items are equipped in accordance by the item level.
- All gray, white and green items are equipped automatically (BOP, BOE).
- All items of higher value are automatically equipped if they are BOP.

# Combat Rotation (GCR) is now also deactivated via the Quick Menu.
- When reactivating, the last loaded profile is reloaded.
- Also applies to the new AutoEquip function.

# The option Min. Resource has been renamed to Min. Mana.
- Now refers exclusively to the resource Mana.
- Also applies to the Non-Food/Water option of Grinder.

# The default combat rotation database has been expanded.
- Some high level profiles for Classic and Retail have been added.
# Class Profiles are a thing of the past!
# Grinder now automatically recognizes all previously manual configurations.

# We were able to implement almost every Requests and Suggestions.
# Lots of Features have been added.
# Some functions have been removed or renewed.
# Almost all of the optional Settings have been made simpler and clearer.

# The Profile Editor is no longer necessary and has been completely removed.
- Class Profiles are no longer required.

# Class data is recognized automatically.
# Optional settings can be set directly via Grinder.
# Grinder automatically recognizes the Playstyle.
- The PlayStyle Target Macro has been removed.

# Tooltips have been added to almost all settings.
# Fixed an issue where Grinder would no longer target enemies.
# Grinder no longer outputs here on the Console.
# The Console now reports whether a Ghost Route has been loaded.
- If not, the CrossWay System will load to find the corpse.

# Health and Power have been removed from the Session Stats.
- Instead, the PlayStyle is now displayed.
-- PF = Pathfinder, PFX = Pathfinder Expert

# Saving options now automatically closes the corresponding menu.
# The Profile Tab has been removed.
- The PlayStyle selection has been removed from the Options.

# Grinder now waits until minimal regeneration if there is no more Food/Drink available.
- Values can be set as required in the AddOn.

# The Class Type (Range or Melee) is assigned automatically.
# Class / Player options have been added.
- The Class Type (Range or Melee) can be set (Default: Auto).
-- This overwrites the autom. assigned Class Type.
- The max. duration for eating or drinking can be specified (Default: 15 seconds).
-- Is max. Life and max. Power reached, Grinder will continue automatically.

# Stealth Mode is now generally available and no longer limited to the Rogue class.
# Grinder now recognizes again whether there was a disconnect and stops automatically if activated.
# Some design changes have been made.
# Grinder reacts much faster now.
# Skinning no longer needs mouse interaction.
- Grinder immediately interact with the corpse now.

# Combat Rotation System
- The system can be called up via the General Tab.
- After login, Grinder will automatically assign the Profile corresponding to your Class and Level.
- Also applies to level up in Retail or after learning Spells in Classic.
- It is very easy to create your own Profiles.
-- Enter Spell, Item or Macro

# Profiles can be saved and accessed at will.
- Saved profiles are assigned to the Class and Level accordingly.
- Macros are not transferable.
- The last Profile used is automatically loaded when you log in.
-- If no own Profile has been created or loaded, the default Profile is loaded.
- The Creation/Editing of a Profile uses the 2nd action bar.
- All interactions are live and are loaded immediately after entry.

# Each Profile can be set up with different categories.
- During Combat
-- Combat, Heal, Dispell
- Out of Combat
-- Buffs, Conjuring, Food and Water

# Spells, Items and Macros can be added to the respective category.
# In addition, each interaction offers further options.
-- Priority
-- Key
-- ID
-- Dependency
-- Assignment
-- Repetition
-- Amount

# Grinder automatically prioritizes the categories during and outside of the fight.
# Grinder prioritizes the Items, Spells and Macros on a given basis.
- All contents of a category are checked for basic requirements.
-- A Spell, Item or Macro is only executed if it is under the given conditions and
-- taking the factors into account.
-- There will be no interactions that do not match the conditions.

# An optional Details mode provides information about the actions taken.

# An Auto Setup was integrated.
- Can be started at any time via the Auto Setup Button in the General Tab.
- The Setup Interface is called automatically when it is started for the first time.

# The Setting of Targets has been changed to a Blacklist.
- Enemies can now be excluded from the attack based on their names.
- The limitation has been lifted.
- The names of individual enemies can now be entered in a list.

# The indication of the minimum level of enemies has been changed.
- A level range can now be selected (e.g. 1 - 60).

# Grinder now loots on Vendor Routes.
# Ghost Routes are run correctly again.
# After a Pathfinder Profile has been created, it is now loaded immediately.
# All options have been provided with Tooltips.

Grinder Store
# Downloaded profiles are now saved directly under /profiles/.
# A bug has been fixed that prevented some apps from loading.
# The navigation arrow is now only displayed if you are on the same map.
- The route is still shown on the world map.

# This update brings a major change in security.
# The name of the GDR AddOn can now be changed at any time.
- Click on Import in the General Tab or use the Rename AddOn Button under the Options Tab.
-- Be careful!
-- This will remove any dependency on existing data.
-- Before using this function, make a backup of all existing settings and profiles.

# The tray menu is now always displayed.
- The Run in Tray Option were completely removed.

# Swapped out files will now be deleted before each start.
# A splash screen for bridging the loading time when starting Grinder is now displayed.

# We are currently working on a fully automated Combat Rotation System.
# An extension for the AddOn that can be used to create your own combat rotations is in planning.
# All frames are now hidden using the Quick Disable function.
# Small changes to the design.
- The GDR Macro is now displayed in a more presentative manner.
- Optional Macros were moved to Options.
# [Retail][Mages]: Refreshments are now correctly recognized.

# The Changelog window has been expanded with a new button that takes you to the complete Changelog on

Grinder Store
# Fixed a bug where special characters were ignored.
# The field of view can now be expanded.
- This allows Grinder to capture a lot more targets.
- This option must be activated manually.

# Profiles loaded in Pathfinder now show the location on the world map with a red button.
- Also applies to the Pathfinder X.

# A navigation arrow is now displayed.
- Loaded profiles whose starting point is more than 150 yards away are navigated.
- Information about the distance and the loaded profile are also displayed.
- If the AddOn is already in use, this option must be activated manually.
- Also applies to the Pathfinder X.

# The Grinder Button now has a small checkbox.
- Important functions can be quickly activated or deactivated.
- All Frames are also displayed or hidden.

Grinder Store
# A bug has been fixed where the number of waypoints was not correctly recognized during the check.
# Auto Sell Items can now be whitelisted so that they are ignored when selling.

Class Editor
# It is now possible to use the Mount.
- A Vendor Mount can optionally be used for repair and sale.
- The Vendor Mount NPC Name must be set in the AddOn.

# Up to 10 Combat Spells can now be specified.
- Up to 8 Combat Spells can be added using the Class Editor.
- 2 more Combat Spells can be added manually in your saved Class Profile.
Grinder Store
# Uploaded Profiles are now rewarded with Free G-Coins.
- This only applies to Free Profiles.
- Each Free Profile is worth 10 G-Coins.
- From every 5th Free Profile you will receive a message about your reward.
# First official Release
# Happy Grinding : o)